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          2019 Integrated Annual Report

          Jet ski makes a J-shape while changing course

          The agility of the jet ski pilot changing course embodies our drive to question the status quo and boldly change course to advance the future.

          For 2019 we are combining our Annual Report and our Sustainability Report into a single document. Our 2019 Integrated Annual Report reflects the integral nature of our financials and our sustainability focus, and our commitment to transparency and robustness of non-financial data.

          Table of Contents

          Financial Highlights

          Financial Highlights

          Adjusted Net Earnings from continuing operations1
          Adjusted net earning from continuing operations

          Adjusted Earnings Per Share from continuing operations1
          Adjsuted earnings per share from continuing operations

          Adjusted Operating Profit1
          Adjusted operating profit

          Adjusted Operating Profit Margin1
          Adjusted operating profit margin

          1Financials reflect adjusted figures. Refer to GAAP reconciliation tables included in fiscal 2019 earnings press release, available on jacobs.com.

          GAAP Net Earnings from continuing operations
          in thousands

          GAAP net earnings from continuing operations

          GAAP Earnings Per Share from continuing operations
          GAAP earnings per share from continuing operations

          GAAP Operating Profit
          in thousands

          GAAP operating profit

          GAAP Operating Profit Margin
          GAAP operating profit

          Always looking ahead

          Girl with a flashlight, looking at the night sky

          At Jacobs, we’re curious — asking questions of what’s accepted and challenging the status quo. We explore innovative solutions driven by our optimism and our focus on advancing the future.

          We articulate our bold creativity in our new brand promise:

          Challenging today. Reinventing tomorrow.

          Like us, our promise is dynamic and in motion: Visually, we express our promise with a new, two-part symbol we call our “J-mark”:

          J-mark explained