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          We see the world as it can be

          What we do and why it matters

          Every day, we take on some of the world’s biggest challenges, bringing a different way of thinking to everything we do, challenging the status quo and questioning what others might accept.

          We’re driven by the extraordinary as well as the seemingly mundane, working with our partners to make the world more connected and more sustainable for everyone.

          We team up to save lives, bringing critical pharmaceutical treatments to market

          People walking through Bristol Myers Squibb LSCC project

          Representing an innovative approach to cancer treatment, immune-oncology harnesses the body’s own immune system to fight tumor cells, giving patients around a globe a stronger fighting chance.

          With growing demands, Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) needed to build a facility capable of meeting current and future production and testing needs.

          As main contractor for the reimagined facility, we accelerated speed to market for this life-saving immuno-oncology medicine, and laid the groundwork for future buildings for development and manufacturing to meet future production and testing needs.

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          We capture space imagery to prioritize aid when catastrophe strikes

          Hurricane captured from International Space Station

          Image courtesy of: Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth

          We think differently about the future — about how we prepare for and respond to these risks because we know that whatever uncertainties we face, we have greater opportunities today to rise up and emerge stronger tomorrow.

          We’re on the ground when it matters most – assisting with critical Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) disaster-related operations throughout the U.S. and its territories.

          And, we’re working with NASA scientists to leverage remotely-sensed data acquired by the International Space Station’s orbital sensor systems, and captivating images from 240 miles overhead to provide critical disaster response aid, and help communities recover and become more resilient.

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          We restore natural capital, creating community and environmental value

          Windara Reef under construction during sunset

          Along the Australian coast, 99% of native shellfish reefs have disappeared from exploitation.

          Serving as lead engineer for The Nature Conservancy (TNC) in its partnership to develop the continent’s largest-ever reef reconstruction project, we designed the second phase of Windara Reef’s construction, expanding the reef to 20 total hectares, or the equivalent of 20 American football fields in length.

          Today, the new reef is improving water quality (due to the filtration powers of oysters), increasing fishery productivity, influencing higher biodiversity and providing economic growth with new marine industry jobs.

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