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Microsoft NIH week (17/06/2011)

This week seems to have been Microsoft's not-invented-here week: First they announce an intentional fragmentation of GPGPU programming by creating an OpenCL competitor and now they're dishing out dirt at WebGL.

All I can say is that I'm back to disliking MS a lot. Things were looking up with the Windows 8 preview: They looked as though they would stop the childish reinventing of everything and actually compete based on quality with the same technologies as everyone else. Rather than trying to fragment platforms. But no. They've returned to their normal, idiotic selves. Every time things look up, they quickly swerve back into their age-old behaviour. This may not have hurt them yet, but it will. Each time they do this they alienate more and more developers, and it will come back to bite them. A platform without developers is a platform without software: a platform without software is dead.

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