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          Hot Jobs

          With thousands of jobs across multiple markets and services and in locations around the globe, opportunity abounds at Jacobs. Our Hot Jobs feature groups of jobs by location, discipline or project with the hope of reaching the qualified, interested persons ready for the next challenge in their career. To view all available jobs, please search jobs.

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          Life Sciences

          Location: United States

          November 16, 2020

          Jacobs is seeking experienced professionals in engineering services for the pharmaceutical and biotechnical industry.

          Selected jobs include:

          • CQV Regional Director
          • CQV Project Manager
          • CQV Engineer
          • Mechanical/HVAC Engineer
          • Engineering Project Manager

          To view jobs, click the button below:

          Life Sciences Jobs

          Missile Defense

          Location: Colorado Springs, CO and Huntsville, AL

          November 9, 2020

          Jacobs is seeking IT professionals with an active U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) security clearance (Secret or higher). DoD 8570 Level II and CSSP certifications (e.g. Security+ CE) are preferred.

          Register to attend our upcoming virtual event on November 12, 2020, 1-3pm EST: Jacobs Virtual Hiring Event

          Selected jobs include:

          • Cybersecurity Analysts and Engineers
          • Linux Administrators and Engineers
          • Network Engineers
          • Systems Administrators and Engineers
          • Software Developers and Engineers

          To view jobs, click the button below:

          Missile Defense Jobs

          US Federal

          Location: United States

          November 2, 2020

          Jacobs delivers sustainable/high performance solutions for the US military, defense contractors and federal and civil intelligence clients. Security clearances are required for some jobs and are a preference for others.

          Selected jobs include:

          • Electrical Engineer
          • Mechanical Engineer
          • Project Architect
          • Project Manager

          To view jobs, click the button below:

          US Federal Jobs


          Location: Oak Ridge, TN, US

          October 26, 2020

          Jacobs delivers end-to-end innovative solutions to the Department of Energy (DOE), the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) and nuclear power/processing/laboratory programs and facilities. We have 25+ jobs in Oak Ridge, TN.

          Selected jobs include:

          • Senior Architect
          • Mid-Level Nuclear Project Manager
          • Mechanical Engineer
          • Structural Engineer
          • Piping Engineer
          • S3D Piping Designer
          • Mid-Level Engineering Design Project Manager

          To view jobs, click the button below:

          Nuclear Jobs