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          CH2M recognized by Thomson Reuters Foundation for playing vital role in eradicating forced labor

          CH2M was shortlisted for the prestigious Stop Slavery Award for demonstrating integrity, courage and innovation in taking concrete steps to eradicate forced labor from their supply chains.

          CH2M was shortlisted for the prestigious Stop Slavery Award presented by Thomson Reuters Foundation. The award gives public recognition to corporations that are ‘best in class’ at demonstrating integrity, courage and innovation in taking concrete steps to eradicate forced labor from their supply chains. Other shortlisted companies for 2017 include Intel, Walmart and Adidas.

          “Over the past years, we’ve worked tirelessly to promote human rights not only within our operations but across our sector. To be recognized for these efforts by Thomson Reuters Foundation is truly remarkable,” said Tawny Chritton, CH2M’s Director of Social Impact. “We consider this not only an honor but an opportunity to amplify the urgency of combatting modern slavery and accelerate progress toward improving workers’ lives worldwide.”

          CH2M has committed to significant initiatives to promote safe and fair labor:

          Operational change

          CH2M places great importance on ensuring the health, safety, and welfare of workers involved in projects, and the company worked closely with fair labor expert, Verité, to develop a global Worker Welfare Policy. The Policy outlines the fundamental ethical principles related to working for and on behalf of CH2M, and provides guidance on recruitment and employment practices, workers’ management, accommodation, and safety. The company strives to influence other firms in the industry to adhere to the practices outlined in the Policy along with local regulations.

          Technology development

          CH2M recently launched the pilot of the Worker Connect mobile app that allows workers to provide confidential feedback on living and working conditions on infrastructure projects in high-risk locations. In addition to promoting worker voice, the mobile-phone based tool enables engineering/construction project managers and contractors to be better informed and responsive to worker concerns.

          Collaborative approach

          In collaboration with five other industry-leading companies, CH2M launched Building Responsibly, a new industry group to protect the rights and welfare of workers worldwide. Chaired by CH2M, Building Responsibly enables companies to advance their programs by sharing best practices; agreeing on common approaches and standards; developing tools; and engaging clients, civil society, governments and international organizations.

          Public policy engagement

          CH2M supports global efforts and strategizes with key government officials on how to improve the conditions of migrant construction workers. Fully committed to preventing forced labor and human trafficking in the sector, CH2M collaborated with the UK government to cohost industry roundtables to engage other engineering and construction companies on how to comply with the 2015 UK Modern Slavery Act.

          The winner of the Stop Slavery Award will be announced at the annual Trust Conference in London on November 15.

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