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          SeaPort Enhanced


          Fleur Ryan, 703.817.4885

          Neal Griffith, 931.607.7727

          Reference Materials

          Other Contracts

          Government Contracts

          Under the SeaPort-e contracting structure, Jacobs was awarded a Multiple Award Contracts (MAC) and funded awards are made as Task Orders under each MAC. All task orders are competitively solicited, awarded and managed using the SeaPort-e platform.

          Currently, our SeaPort-e contracts are delivered through a multi-company team, led by Jacobs. The 35-firm team consists of Jacobs, Aegir, All Points, Applied Radar, AS&M, Atec, Carlow, CrystalView, De-Ray, Ele, GBL, IP, HEI, Holmes & Associates, Image One Technology & Management, ITG, Jason Roberts LLC, JRAD, McLaughin Research Corp., Miller Marine, NDTI, NorthStar Technology Corp., NS, Qualis Corp., SBAR, SA-Tech, Sea Corp., SIM&S, STC, Slivergate Software, Survice Engineering Co., Syzyby, Tessada & Associates, Inc., US Technology and Zenetex.

          Our team has a dedicated Quality Control Program for this contract which includes processes and systems to address ISO certifications and LEAN Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI). Our quality team works with our customers to continually re-examine and re-calibrate our metrics to reinforce contract objectives that are focused on ensuring the long-term viability of contract goals.

          SeaPort Task Orders

          The Task Orders issued to the Jacobs SeaPort Enhanced team, under Contract N00178-D-04-4072 are listed below. Learn more detail about each task order by choosing the order number. You can also explore the SeaPort-e Task Order Award Report directly on their website.

          Task OrderTechnical InstructionsTitleDate IssuedIssuing ActivityZoneJacobs POC
          ?0002NoImplementation of CMM-I at the NSWC-PC09/10/2004NSWC Panama City4B. Anderson 850.863.7700
          ? ?
          0003NoLCAC C4N Engineering Support Task01/19/2005NSWC Panama City4B. Anderson 850.863.7700
          ? ?
          0004-01NoLACA SLEP Training01/05/2011NSWC Panama City4B. Anderson 850.863.7700
          ? ?
          EJ01-12NoCM/QA/Safety Services06/05/2013NAVFAC Europe3D.?McDonough 714.271.5477
          ? ?
          GM01-49NoAirborne?Threat Simulation Support05/17/2010NAWCWD6C.?Popp 805.384.5462
          ? ?
          GM02-12NoNavMPS12/14/2012NAWCWD6C. Popp 805.384.5462
          ? ?
          GM03-BPNoAirborne Threat Organization Support12/19/2013NAWCWD6C. Popp 805.384.5462
          ? ?
          HR01-29NoC4N Program Support09/09/2009NSWC Panama City4B. Anderson 850.863.7700
          ? ?
          HR02-03NoLittoral Combat Ship Support06/07/2007NSWC Panama City4B. Anderson 850.863.7700
          ? ?
          HR03-33NoLCAC ISEA02/27/2012NSWC Panama City4B. Anderson 850.863.7700
          ? ?
          ?HR04-17?NoNSWC PCD Code E3412/17/2013NSWC Panama City4B. Anderson 850.863.7700
          ? ?
          NS01-38NoNMCI Life Cycle04/22/2013SPAWAR San Diego6N.?Starika 703.221.3100
          ? ?
          NS02-48NoLife Cycle Support Services09/23/2013SPAWAR San Diego6N.?Starika 703.221.3100
          ? ?
          M801-32NoAIR 4.1 Support08/05/2013NAVAIR Pax River2T.?Broadhurst 301.862.5455
          ? ?
          MU61-04NoUSMC SIPRNET Support07/02/2013MARCOR-6 SYSCOM6D. Wilkins 703.221.7776
          ? ?

          Our SeaPort Enhanced Team

          Our?team — assembled for the SeaPort-e task orders — has a wide variety of experience,?capabilities, and skills?needed for?your projects. If you would like to view?a specific team member's?experience, please choose a company and explore more.