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          Decarbonization Throughout the Value Chain – Perspectives from the Tech Sector

          Decarbonization throughout the Value Chain
          Decarbonization throughout the Value Chain

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          Limiting global warming to 1.5?C above pre-industrial levels will require businesses and industries to look beyond their own direct emissions. Partnering across value chains in every sector is critical to ensuring lifecycle decarbonization and achieving sustainable outcomes.

          In this session, we examine the value chain elements from the technology sector and discuss the challenges and opportunities in the transition to a net-zero future. Technology impacts all sectors of the economy and is integral to everyday life for people and businesses worldwide. It is a sector that has continued to yield exponential growth while committing to the most ambitious corporate climate targets. In this Climate Week NYC webinar, we hear from several players within this value chain, with speakers from Microsoft, Western Digital and Jacobs talking about their call to action and the decarbonization of the value chain.

          Our panel of presenters are:

          • Sharon Jean-Baptiste - Moderator, Vice President for Growth & Sales at Jacobs
          • Jameson Morrell, Director of Sustainable Solutions at Jacobs discusses decarbonization at Jacobs
          • Andy Solberg, Global Technology Lead, Facility Modelling & Analytics at Jacobs talks about decarbonization throughout the value chain
          • Joshua Parker, Assistant General Counsel and Head of Sustainability at Western Digital discusses emissions management in tech manufacturing
          • Sean James, Director of Energy Research at Microsoft talks about investing in and piloting new clean energy technology for datacenters